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Project Name: Case of Baiji Tan Maowu Desert

Project Time: 2009-08-20

Project cost: low cost, please contact the website customer service

Customer evaluation: Ren Chong technology, let us save a lot of water resources. But also to ensure the growth of saplings!

Adoption of technology: Ren Chung breathable water retention technology


Project Name: Inner Mongolia Naimanqi Desert Control

Project Time: 2009-08-20

Customer evaluation: 2 years only pour 3 times the water, the survival rate of trees even as high as 97%, really incredible!

Project cost: low cost, please contact the website customer service

Technology used: breathable waterproof technology

Technical principle: Ren Chung technology developed by the breathable waterproof technology, can achieve waterproofing at the same time with breathable effect, which cleverly solve the desertification of water and plant growth difficult problem.

Technical advantages:

1. Waterproof, anti-seepage performance significantly. Most of the water in the desert is infiltration and evaporation, in the bottom of the tree laying breathable anti-seepage sand, you can keep the infiltration of water stored in the water, 75% survival rate of 100%.

2. Two-way breathable, breathable is very good. The results of direct-reading breathable apparatus show that the air permeability of breathable waterproof sand with thickness of 5cm is 49, and the permeability of the original sand of the same grade is 55,5cm soil (commonly used)

3. No pollution to the environment. The results showed that the product had good weather resistance, long-term use of anti-seepage performance decreased by less than 30%, alkali resistance, acid resistance (pH) > 4 of the dilute acid); even in extreme conditions (high temperature 400 degrees, acid and alkali soak), even if the product is destroyed, it will not pollute the environment;

4. To help improve the moisture content of water to solve water problems.

5. Construction is simple. Lay a thin layer at the bottom of the tree.

2013 began to manage, just spent 1 year here on the green!

Case story:

The Hetian area is located in the south of Xinjiang with sufficient light resources and an average annual rainfall of only 35 millimeters, while the annual evaporation is 2 480 millimeters, forming a unique warm temperate and arid desert climate, which is the local agricultural cultivation and production Severe challenge. Sandstorm this year is also early to come, raging with this piece of more dry dry land, the air was filled with dust, dust mixed with soil smell, only the sky sand, difficult to see the walls. No wonder the local also spread a ballad: “eat two days a day, during the day is not enough to fill.”

At present, the Hutian area sand area arid cultivation is currently facing the problem is: lack of water resources, need to drink well after the groundwater to supplement; sand dry area sand itself high leakage, high evaporation, resulting in a great consumption of water , Low efficiency of water resources utilization, low planting efficiency, resulting in low plant survival rate. These difficulties have seriously hampered the production and development of local agriculture. Therefore, in the case of lack of water resources, to solve the phenomenon of sand leakage, the maximum savings of water resources, improve the efficiency of the use of limited water resources, to achieve water retention, fertilizer, insulation is the development of sand cultivation and development of sand industry way. From the point of view of improving the efficiency of water use, it is the key to solve the problem by studying the new impervious material to prevent water leakage and keep the original ecological function.

In recent years, along with the country’s Xinjiang region’s technology and capital introduction and strong support, Hetian area facilities and agricultural development has also entered a new level. 2013 Hetian County, the introduction of the Ren Chong Technology Group developed breathable anti-seepage sand technology, through the greenhouse demonstration of modern agricultural industrial park 180 greenhouses using the technology as a demonstration, after scientific verification, greatly improve water-saving capacity, fertilizer capacity Significantly increased, greenhouse vegetable production also increased significantly. After scientific proof, the use of breathable anti-seepage sand technology greenhouse than ordinary greenhouse water saving 42% -75%; planted vegetables yield 38% -52%, which Hetian agriculture development brought new opportunities. A local agricultural extension of the Uyghur technician Tu Erhong happily said that the local vegetable and fruit prices are high, with this technology, than the average greenhouse income increased a lot, the local farmers’ income has also increased significantly.

Figure 1 Hetian County breathable anti-fouling facilities agricultural greenhouse demonstration results

Last year in March with breathable anti-seepage sand technology planted in the Gobi Desert on the 150,000 poplar seedlings, now all have survived, they are under the new technology under the cultivation of new leaves, germination of green and spring, forming a different from the surrounding The vast Gobi unique green landscape. The successful application of this technology in desert cultivation will lay a solid foundation for the future desertification of the Hetian area.

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