Breathable pots

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Breathable pots

An unique product with patented technology, the magic of the flower pots that breathe:

1: 360 ° and 89% of the pot surface is breathable. The free flow of air solves the common rotting root problem of regular potted plants.

2: Superb water and fertilizer retention. Since there is no breathing hole in the breathable pot, the water and nutrient would not leak out. Not just conserving but more importantly time saving.

3: Pot material is recyclable to make new pots. The raw material of the flower pots is desert silica sand. A damaged flower pots can be made into new pots using Ren Chong recycle sand equipment.

4: Add water freely and the plant root won’t rot. Now, the pretty plant on your desk doesn’t have to be leaky or smelly. Better environment for healthier plants and life-style.

Product Video:

Application: used in balcony garden, home gardening, facilities, greenhouses, decorations and an excellent gift idea.

Taxus doesn’t grow well in colder temperature, but it seems to grow well in a breathable pot!

Breathing air into a pot demo:

From the pot to the inside of the wall blowing, will see a bubble out, which shows the gas into the, but the water can not come, is not it amazing?

Specifications and sizes:

Gift packaging: