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Ecological building

Armed Police Corps combat command center demonstration case

Customer evaluation: Ren Chong flexible stone hanging plate, fast installation, the overall low cost!

Principle analysis: the use of sand to create a “breathable waterproof” function “will breathe” decorative hanging plate, instead of clay brick, instead of stone, ceramic for decoration, integrated innovation, the formation of “insulation, fire, decoration” in one Enclosure

Case story:

Force leadership pioneers, the use of the latest high-tech materials, used in military equipment construction, good response. Has been used in the armed police equipment library external wall scraper decoration, access to the leadership of the highly praised.

Flexible stone composite insulation board from the silica sand soft stone and insulation board composite get. Silica sand soft stone is through the adhesive sand sand sand, curing molding, it has a flexible (do the membrane), light, weather, safety, green and so on. Will be combined with the insulation board paste that is decorative insulation integration of flexible stone composite insulation board. Decorative insulation integration of green products, leading a new generation of interior and exterior decorative insulation materials.

Outer decorative layer of silica sand soft stone to bear the deformation ability, with flexibility, light weight, only about a quarter of ceramic tiles to solve the problem of easy to fall out of the tiles can be widely used in commercial, civil building wall decoration And insulation, which has an irreplaceable advantage, is a renewable new eco-building decoration material. With its composite to get flexible stone composite insulation board, the appearance of strong performance, durability, color and texture rich, less energy consumption, health and environmental protection, construction convenience, for the construction industry insulation design opened up new areas.

Breathable bricks may be seen every day in everyday life, but few of us are paying attention to him. Although the watertight bricks, but in the municipal water conservancy project plays a very big role. He can solve the city waterlogging, reduce dust, ease PM2.5, etc., if used with the rainwater collection system can also be used to collect rain rain, for irrigation vegetation, cleaning the streets, cars and so on.

1, the origin of permeable bricks

The tiles are derived from a Dutch bricks invented by the Netherlands, and the Dutch bricks, also called buns, originated in the Netherlands. During the Dutch seaside city, it was found that the ground after the seawater was due to prolonged exposure to moisture Constant ground subsidence. Once the embankment on the coastline is washed away, the sea will quickly rush to the city, which is much lower than the sea level, to flood the entire sea. In order to make the ground no longer sink, the Dutch made a small 100 mm long, 200 mm wide 50, 60 mm high road pavement laying on the street surface, and the brick in the brick between the reserved 2 mm gap This rain will rain into the ground from the gap between the bricks. This is later famous for the Dutch bricks.

The United States Shubulok company through the Dutch brick invented a brick body. When the brick body is filled with water when the water will be discharged to the ground, but the bricks of the drainage speed is very slow, in the rain of the weather this brick is almost nothing to help, this brick is also called Shu Bo Section road brick.

In the nineties China appeared Shupu Luo Ke brick. China’s technical staff in accordance with the principle of Shu Blopper brick invented a brick body itself covered with permeable holes, good water pavement brick. The rain will flow from the tiny holes in the brick body to the ground.

2005 Renchuang Technology Group, the use of its own technological advantages, as well as years of experience in the use of desert resources, developed a sand to do with the tiles – Ren Chuang tiles, this brick is very beautiful appearance, and the penetration rate is very Fast, where the shop is covered with this brick, basically can cancel the laying of underground drainage pipes. Renzhuang tiles are widely used in China’s municipal roads, squares and other places, including Water Cube, Chang’an Street, the Expo and many other large projects.

2, the classification of permeable bricks

From the point of view of the classification of permeable bricks, according to the principle of water can be divided into two categories, one is to rely on the surface of the brick hole through the water, one is in accordance with the gap between brick and brick through the water. Our daily life is more common is the second to rely on the gap between the brick and the permeable water permeable brick.

With the continuous progress of technology, permeable bricks are also constantly in the optimization, the current classification of a lot of tiles, mainly including ordinary permeable bricks, polymer fiber reinforced concrete permeable bricks, composite concrete permeable bricks, colored stone composite concrete permeable bricks, Oxygen permeable brick, concrete permeable brick, benevolent ecological sand permeable brick.

3, permeable brick function and role

Permeable tiles For most people, only know its literal meaning, for its ecological effects can be brought to know, permeable brick shop for the city has brought a lot of help.


1, can improve the growth conditions of ground plants.

2, to a certain extent, the adjustment of urban climate, why so? Because the permeable brick itself can absorb their own volume of two-thirds of the water, that is, with the role of water conservation, from this point of view, Inhibition pm2.5 still have a certain role.

3, a large area of ​​permeable brick laying can ease the city municipal pipeline drainage pressure, reduce the city waterlogging.

4, permeable bricks in the rain when the road will not be water, snow in the winter when the road will not freeze. This is convenient for everyone’s travel and life.

5, permeable brick specifications and supporting facilities

There are many kinds of tiles specifications, the current market common tiles specifications 250 * 250 * 65,300 * 150 * 80,300 * 150 * 65 and so on. If the customer has special requirements, including the special color, the size of this manufacturer can help custom.

With the use of tiles with permeable water along the stone, rainwater collection system, permeable blind brick and so on. These facilities will form a system, the system will solve the city’s waterlogging problems, water shortages, water use problems and so on. At present, China has a complete set of rainwater solutions in the company, Ren Chong technology is relatively good.

4, permeable brick prices

The price of tiles, compared to the tiles, but very low, in general, the larger the size of the permeable brick its price is relatively high, the current market price of tiles from tens of dollars to several hundred Yuan per square meter range, which mainly have to be based on the technical content of tiles and local materials, construction cost information and other factors to decide. Ren Chung Technology’s permeable bricks are excellent in terms of performance and function, and the price is reasonable. The comprehensive price is much higher than other types of permeable bricks.