Green building material

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Green building material

Product Name: New green building materials – flexible stone

Features: fire, non-slip, breathable, simple and quick installation

Advantages: original patented technology, affordable, cost-effective

Flexible stone of the six major features:

1, fire anti-skid no radiation: Ren Chong flexible stone 95% of the composition is from the sand in the desert, no radioactive. Fire rating for the A2 level, open fire, flexible stone surface is a micro-porous structure, with a super anti-skid effect, is the kitchen floor, bathroom floor of choice.

2, ultra-thin ultra-light: Kentucky flexible stone area can be designed and manufactured according to the actual situation, flexible stone is only 3 mm thick, the quality is very light, and can be 360 ​​degrees bending. The advantage of flexible stone is to abandon the traditional stone heavy, aiming to reduce the load, more full use of the building area, and can also increase the building’s seismic capacity.

3, with a breathable function: flexible stone with breathable magic effect, you can make the wall with the effect of breathing, and can effectively prevent the building wall cracking.

4, easy to install their own: because the quality of flexible stone is very light, only need to collage on the wall can be, transport handling is very labor-saving, saving installation costs, and can experience their own decoration of the house fun.

5, decorative strong: color effects can be freely customized, decorative effect of high-end atmosphere, odorless without radioactive, flexible stone is the best alternative to traditional decorative materials.

6, silence noise reduction: the special structure of flexible stone, its surface has a lot of small holes, these holes can effectively absorb the sound waves, give you a quiet and comfortable private space.


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Flexible stone Variety color, as long as you can think we can do it!


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