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Our Business

All of our products are made of desert sand. We promote them in RechSand.org, WaterSavingSand.com, LinerSand.com, antiSlip.io, FilterBrick.com, fySand.com, CoastedSand.com, Spongy.city, WaterScar.city, bPot.us, BreathablePot.com, OilGasSand.com, WaterDungeon.com, SandBuilding, and sand.forsale.

Being the proud leader in the “sand industry” with hundreds of filed patents, there are 7 major categories in our products as follows:
– Oil production technology
– Sponge city materials
– Green building materials
– Rainwater harvesting system
– Desert greening
– Desert rice
– Precision casting

We have solutions covers desertification, water shortages and energy conservation.
The RechSand Group currently employs 1,586 people with a strong research team within Zhongguancun National Independent Innovation Demonstration Zone.